By Faith Cummings
Mar 03, 2017 @ 9:15 am

Can the popularity of a celebrity actually be determined by how many followers they have on Instagram? That has yet to be confirmed, but we do like the fact that the most-followed people on the social medium are women—pretty fitting for Women's History Month, we think.

Selena Gomez has held the No. 1 spot for almost a year and now Ariana Grande has squeezed past Taylor Swift to take home the silver. The "Side to Side" singer officially has 98.5 followers, to Swift's 98.3.

thank you, Cleveland ♡ I love you

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We think this is in large part to Grande's current tour and the fact that she's promoting her new music hardcore right now. Swift—who supposedly won't have any new tunes for us until at least year's end, according to BFF Ed Sheeran—has been less active as of late, though she posted a celebratory 'gram for Lorde's new song on Thursday.

g2g brb just gonna make up an interpretive dance to this magnificent bop for the ages ELLA I LOVE YOU

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It's all in good fun and so we're celebrating Grande's latest accomplishment with some of our favorite photos from her account:

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last one from yesterday. I swear. Sam n Suzy. 🍂

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love at first sight

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Weekend Instagram inspiration if ever there was any!