By Olivia Bahou
Updated Apr 17, 2017 @ 1:15 pm
Credit: Time Inc. Digital Studio; Courtesy Instagram

It seems like Instagram is having a bit of an identity crisis. First, Instagram Stories gave us major Snapchat vibes, and now Instagram’s latest update looks a lot like Pinterest.

The app first introduced the ability to save posts back in December, when it realized that many of its users screenshot posts to use as outfit inspiration, save a recipe for later, or show a friend something funny. In a new update, introduced Monday, you can now save posts into private collections, which only you can see.

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Here are Instagram’s instructions for using the feature: “Tap and hold the bookmark icon underneath any post to save it directly to a collection. You can create and name a new collection when you save a post, or you can add it to one you’ve already created. You can also create a collection out of your existing saved posts. Tap the plus icon in the top right corner, give your collection a name and select the saved posts you’d like to add.”

Credit: Courtesy Instagram

The collections will show up under the saved posts tab on your profile, visible only to you. According to Instagram, 46 percent of users have saved at least one post since they introduced the feature so this new update will likely come in handy in organizing all those bookmarked posts.

Credit: Courtesy Instagram

Now Instagram allows you to share pictures like Facebook, send disappearing clips like Snapchat, and organize saved posts like Pinterest. Sounds like it’s heading toward total app domination.