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If you're addicted to your Instagram app, you might want to listen up because the social platform has an update that you won't want to miss.

Just months after launching a Pinterest-like feature, Instagram has released Archive, a tool that will allow users to move posts they've publically shared into a private space. Archive is meant to help users curate their profiles without forcing them to delete anything, which could be helpful if you're a serial deleter and reposter.

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By hitting the Archive button on something you've posted, it will take the photo down from your feed and to an area that only you can see. But don't worry, it isn't permanent if you don't want it to be. If you change your mind and want the post to go live again, you can tap "show on profile" to have it reappear.

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The best part? If you archive a post that already has likes and comments, they won't go away. Once the picture is in Archive, you won't be able to get more likes and comments, but if you change your mind and decide to repost it, it'll still have its original likes and comments.

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How's that for a win-win?