Instagram DM - Lead
Credit: Courtesy

Oh, Instagram Direct. After filtering, exploring, liking, and commenting, this Instagram feature might be the one to go the most unused. But the photo-sharing platform's newest upgrades are about to change all that. On Tuesday, Instagram announced new features to its direct sharing tool that will have you using it more than ever.

Instagram Direct now includes threaded messages, so you don't have to start a new conversation every time you want to send a friend (or group of friends) a photo. Additionally, you can name groups (finally all those dog photos you tag your besties in have a place) and send oversize emoji when "there are just no words," according to Instagram's blog. Lastly, since 40 percent of comments on the social media site feature @-mentions, there is now an arrow button that allows you to instantly share that photo with a friend or group of friends. Let the direct messaging begin.