You know how you tell yourself “Instagram lives aren’t real” over and over until you fall asleep every night (just me?)—well, it turns out that some of them are.

Jack Morris, 26, and his girlfriend, Lauren Bullen, 24, are living their absolute best life, on social media and IRL. The couple of more than a year spends their days traveling the world, photographing it, and getting paid a substantial chunk of change to upload it to Instagram.

Before they met, both Jack and Lauren operated their own personal Instagram pages, as they do now, but it wasn’t until they joined forces that their accounts really took off.

With nearly three-and-a-half million followers between them, the pair receives anything from $3,000 to $9,000 for a SINGLE POST.

Pretty sweet gig, but even sweeter is their commitment to authenticity. “Everything that we take and put on Instagram is real life,” Morris told Cosmopolitan U.K., “We would never promote something we don't agree with just for money."

Curb your jealousy for a hot sec and take a look at their incredible travel shots. THIS. IS. REAL. LIFE.