Instagram Is Bringing #Curvy Back

Instagram Bans Curvy Hashtag - Lead
Photo: Instagram/@tessholiday

Well, that didn't last long. Seven days ago, Instagram announced that it was banning #curvy as a searchable hashtag on its platform, stating that it was being used excessively to post pornographic content. However, just one week later, the photo-sharing site announced that the term would no longer be banned.

Following last week's banning of the term that is typically associated with body-positive imagery, there was an outcry of protest from all around the web, even prompting workaround hashtags like #curvee and #bringcurvyback, according to The Washington Post. And Instagram took note. The platform's director of public policy Nicky Jackson Colaco told The Post that Instagram tries "to be really thoughtful about looking at these issues" and that "there is zero chance" they would intentionally block a term that was being used in a positive way. Here's to celebrating all body types.

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