Body Contouring - Lead 2016
Credit: Getty Images

The year is 2016, and we've officially reached peak contouring levels. As if sculpting a set of cheekbones and a super-thin nose wasn't extreme enough, people are taking their favorite 10-pan contouring palettes to their legs, abs, and even the backs of their necks—not kidding. Though the now-viral Instagram videos documenting this are nothing short of mesmerizing to watch, we can't help but wonder how realistic each effect is offline, not to mention, the aftermath they'd leave behind on a set of white sheets. Scroll down to see each of the 15-second clips, and prepare to be equal parts amazed and confused.

Leg Contouring

Inspired by her son's anatomy book, Macedonian makeup artist Meri armed herself with a few makeup brushes dipped in cream bronzer, blush, and highlighter to give legs a more sun-kissed and toned appearance.

Ab Contouring

Damn, Meri—back at it again with the wild body contouring videos. Weeks before her leg contouring clip went viral, the makeup artist demonstrated how to fake a six pack with the use of a concealer palette and a handful of makeup brushes. It's definitely less time-consuming than going to the gym, but no matter how much MAC Fix + Spray you mist on, the results aren't nearly as long lasting as the real deal.

Chest Contouring

Who says you need major lift to create the appearance of a more ample bust? After a few swipes of bronzer, YouTube guru Laura Lee is giving that Victoria's Secret Bombshell bra some serious competition.

Neck Contouring

If you've ever wanted to make your neck look slimmer while rocking an updo, there's (weirdly) a method for that. Tina of MakeupWearablesHairstyles—aka the same woman who brought us maxi pad curls—blends bronzer on the outer portions of her neck, then works an illuminating concealer down the middle to impart an airbrushed effect on an area we never really thought would need it. Blondes may want to enlist the help of a friend to avoid getting bronzer into their strands, and definitely make sure you're not pairing the look with any light-colored shirts that have high necks.