Inspirational Quotes from the Women's March LEAD
Credit: Paul Morigi/WireImage

Yesterday, women around the country (and the world) took to the streets to march for women's rights. ABC News currently estimates that more than 1 million people participated in the historic event, which featured passionate speeches from celebrities, activists, politicians, and more. Though their words differed in content, there was one underlying theme among all the speeches: Americans need to stick together.

Here are some of the most moving, passionate, and inspirational quotes from rallies around the US:

Alicia Keys

"We are mothers. We are caregivers. We are artists. We are activists. We are entrepreneurs, doctors, leaders of industry and technology. Our potential is unlimited. We rise."

America Ferrera

"The president is not America. His cabinet is not America. Congress is not America. We are America. And we are here to stay."

Scarlett Johansson

"President Trump, I did not vote for you. That said, I respect that you are our President-elect and I want to be able to support you. First, I ask that you support me, support my sister, support my mother, support my best friend and all of our girlfriends, support the men and women here today that are anxiously awaiting to see how your next moves may drastically affect their lives."

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Gloria Steinem

"Remember, the Constitution doesn't begin with, 'I, the president.' It begins with, 'We, the people.'"

Janelle Monae

"Continue to embrace the things that make you unique even if it makes others uncomfortable. You are enough. And whenever you're feeling doubt, whenever you want to give up, you must always remember to choose freedom over fear."


"Let's march together through this darkness and with each step know that we are not afraid, that we are not alone, that we will not back down, that there is power in our unity and that no opposing force stands a chance in the face of true solidarity."

Sophie Cruz, 6-year-old immigration activist

"Let us fight with love, faith and courage so that our families will not be destroyed. I also want to tell the children not to be afraid, because we are not alone. There are still many people that have their hearts filled with love."

Janet Mock

"We are here not merely to gather, but to move. And our movements require us to do more than just show up and say the right words. It requires us to break out of our comfort zones, and be confrontational. It requires us to defend one another when it is difficult, and dangerous. It requires us to truly see ourselves, and one another."

Chelsea Handler

"If you're feeling helpless or feeling dejected, take a look around. You're not alone. Don't lose hope. Get your hope. I'll give you hope."