By Jonathan Borge
Dec 14, 2015 @ 4:30 pm
Courtesy Adrian Wilson

While Paris has Avenue Montaigne and Beverly Hills boasts Rodeo Drive, Yves Salomon general manager Thomas Salomon doesn’t find any shopping district as quintessentially luxurious as New York’s Madison Avenue. “To make it a statement we had to be on Madison Avenue—anything else wasn’t an option,” Salomon, son of the brand’s namesake leader, tells InStyle of the furrier’s just-opened Manhattan location.

For its second U.S. locale (the first is in Aspen, CO), the luxury fashion house hunted for a space with an intimate appeal. “It’s open and it’s welcoming. We want people to come and have fun—we want it to be easy,” Salomon says of the 600-square-foot space, where brass racks carry the fuzzy designs next to an onyx wall and marble tabletops. “We felt it was the right moment because we could see there was a turn out in the demand, people looking for something new, something fresh and with a different design.”

To meet that need, Salomon says the brand is extending its reach beyond the signature fur-lined parka into all aspects of a client’s wardrobe. “The next direction is to make the New Yorker know more about the fact that we’re doing something other than the parkas,” he says, nothing that the spring collection will include a mix of jackets, dresses, pants, and tops. “The point is to show that we give to the customer a whole look—so basically to dress the customer from head to toe.”

So can we expect customers to fall in love with both the new store and designs? Considering previous clients include Rihanna, Kris Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, and Reese Witherspoon, we think it’ll be a hit.

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See what the store looks like below—and step inside its new 790 Madison Avenue digs.

Courtesy Adrian Wilson
Courtesy Adrian Wilson

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Courtesy Adrian Wilson