Selma Blair and Michelle Monaghan Reunite to Honor a Beloved Charity and a New Tod's It Bag

Tod's Baby2Baby Event Blair Monaghan - Embed 2016
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For Selma Blair (above, left), Tuesday afternoon called for another opportunity to say hello to old friends inside L.A.’s Chateau Marmont Bungalow 1, where the American Crime Story brunette greeted The Path star Michelle Monaghan (above, right). It’s not rare to find an A-list set inside of the iconic Hollywood hotel—the BBFs were among stars like Sara Foster, Soleil Moon Frye, and jewelry designers Jennifer Meyer—but both Blair and Monaghan were in unusually celebratory spirits as the actresses were on hand for a luncheon to fête Tod’s Band and the brand’s new Wave handbag (below) in support of celebrity-approved charity Baby2Baby.

“I love that Tod’s has gotten together with [Baby2Baby] to donate and to have this time to honor them, and to honor having us all together to get to be moms together, and have a beautiful lunch, and know that it’s all about giving back,” Blair, an Angel ambassador for the organization, told InStyle as she killed the art of daytime dressing in a black-and-white getup that consisted entirely of Tod’s leather pieces minus her pared-down white Gap linen shirt.

Tod's Baby2Baby Event Bag - Embed 2016
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Monaghan didn’t fail to turn heads either in her head-to-ankle Tod’s outfit with Celine pumps. “I didn’t realize [there] was a rock and roll theme, but I’m loving it because I was curious about all the records and all that. Who doesn’t like a pair of silver leather pants? I mean, come on,” she told us, explaining why she, too, loves a good cause (she’s an Angel ambassador as well). “We’re aiming to help 125,000 children locally, underprivileged children, children in need, babies in need, up until the age of 12. It’s really extraordinary what their distribution efforts have done on behalf of children and organizations that are really in need.”

Tod's Baby2Baby Event Blair Jovovich Patricof Monaghan - Embed 2016
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Charity aside, the lunching ladies didn’t forget to talk all things fashion, and later joined Milla Jovovich (above, center left) and Baby2Baby co-founder Kelly Sawyer (above, center right) for an epic girls’-day-out shot. For board member Rachel Zoe (below), dressed in a blousy black top with white wide-legged pants from her own collection (her earrings were vintage Chanel), the new Wave bag is what instantly made her go gaga. “I love it!” she quipped. “These are like all my favorite colors, which is black, white, and with like a kind of gorgeous chocolate brown mix. It’s very kind of Navajo. I’m really into it.”

Tod's Baby2Baby Event Rachel Zoe - Embed 2016
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She's also really into giving back to others. “As a mother of two, it’s like I can’t go to sleep at night knowing that so many of these families and these kids, they don’t have diapers,” she added. “I think for as much as we can do to impact and change it and fix it, is what we need to do.”

Tod's Baby2Baby Event Molly Sims - Embed 2016
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Molly Sims (above) was eager to flaunt her new red Tod’s mini bag (“I love the bag. I just got the bag. I love that pop of red,” she told us). “I know all these ladies, so it gives us a little bit of a reunion, a reason to drink,” she charmingly added. Also an Angel ambassador, Sims brought it back to the children. “In five years, we’ve taken it from 500 children to 125,000 children we serve… that’s why we show up. That’s why we’re here.”

—With reporting by Brianna King

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