By Leigh Gotzmer
Sep 18, 2016 @ 5:00 pm
Dustin Walker, Laurel & Wolf

Stunned by this super chic space?

When fashion illustrator and Instagram star Carly Kuhn, a.k.a. The Cartorialist, needed to find a new design for her Los Angeles home/studio, she dropped her markers and grabbed a mouse.  The artist, who’s worked with brands like Dior, knows that pretty much anything can be accomplished online now and that includes amazing interior design. “I’m of a generation that does everything on a screen—dating, ordering food, finding a handyman—so it made sense to me to design my home that way too,” Kuhn says.

She partnered with Laurel & Wolf, the online interior design service, to help her turn her disorganized and unfinished office (her words, not ours) into a bohemian industrial space fit for an artist. The site works by assigning clients (like Kuhn) to an interior designer or designers based on the package they choose. The designers then work with clients, sending mood boards, floor plans, and even complete shopping lists so their clients can easily install the polished look in their own homes.

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Dustin Walker, Laurel & Wolf

Carly was paired with interior designer Julian Porcino, who, as an artist herself, knew how impactful a stylish workspace could be. “My goal was to create a space that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing,” Porcino says, “a space that reflected Carly’s work and personal style.”

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Dustin Walker, Laurel & Wolf

They kept the space mostly white with a few wood accents like the worktable that also functions as a dining table. A gallery wall showcases Carly’s artwork and a standing desk (Carly’s favorite piece in the room) is juxtaposed with an easel. To fit in fashionable storage, Julian created a pseudo-sideboard by lining up modern-looking white filing cabinets and topping them with vases, plants, and sculptural objects. The end result is a jealousy-inducing urban loft that works as both a work and living space. “Now that the space is designed, it feels complete,” Kuhn says. "It feels welcoming and I feel more confident about having people come over.” We’re just hoping we score an invite!

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Dustin Walker, Laurel & Wolf