The Impossible Opens Today: Ewan McGregor on Filming in the Rain

Naomi Watts The Impossible
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The Impossible is already getting awards season buzz—star Naomi Watts received both Golden Globes and SAG Awards nods—and Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon even penned a personal letter to Watts to tell her how impressed she was with Watts's performance. The film, which co-stars Ewan McGregor as Watts's husband, tells the true story of couple Maria and Henry and their three children, who are caught in a nightmare in South Asia when their vacation is interrupted by the devastating tsunami that tore the region apart. "[While we were making this film], there was almost a talk of us being cursed because we had terrible weather," McGregor told at the Toronto International Film Festival. "And the tsunami happened on a really beautiful day, and all the survivors talk about that—how horrific the situation was, but how beautiful the day was. While we were shooting, it rained and rained and rained and rained. And then it’d look like the clouds were clearing and we’d get ready to do a shot and the sun would break through—and then it would rain again." Will the family survive the storm? Click here to find out where the film is playing near you.

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— Karen Levy

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