Supermodel Iman Has the Best 2 Tips on How to Age Gracefully

When it comes to aging gracefully, Iman is the O.G. So when she gives tips on how to do just that, we listen (and follow the advice immediately). During an interview with Taraji P. Henson for Harpers Bazaar, the stunning 62-year-old former supermodel revealed her top secrets for getting her fresh look, saying that she lives by the philosophy of "not giving a damn."

She also recommends taking care of your skin. To keep hers in tip top shape, the statuesque beauty swears by SK-II's 3D mask. "Even if you're tired or have a fever of 104, if you put this on you'll look like you just stepped off a plane from Ibiza," she said.

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Iman is the first to say that her ability to age gracefully goes much deeper than just the physical. The ex-catwalker has continued to show her staying power in the fashion world, racking up accolades like CFDA's Fashion Icon award, and has a mantra for that as well. "I've always lived by the philosophy that in a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic," she said. "True style is like a great black-and-white picture: It never looks dated."

That means pulling out an Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo from her closet that she's had for years and always having an Hermès bag on hand.

It is Iman's style, grace, confidence and tenacity that has made her a force in the fashion world, even when she was just starting out in the business. Speaking about those early days, the mom of two opened up about the changes she has seen in the modeling industry, saying that when she first started, "some casting agents had the audacity to say, 'We're not seeing black models this season.' As if black is a trend."

Still, she has noticed that there were more black models working then than there are now—an issue that she and other former supermodels are tackling head on. "Bethann Hardison, Naomi Campbell, and I got together a couple of years ago to raise awareness about the need for diversity in fashion," Iman said. "We talked about it in the press and to the CFDA, and I think we're seeing the change on the runways and in campaigns."

Check out Harper's Bazaar for Iman's full interview.

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