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Beauty Editor/No Makeup - Lead
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Brace yourself for some shocking news: I rarely wear makeup even though I'm a beauty editor. This morning I woke up, slathered on about five skin care products, and walked out the door. And that's the same routine I follow every morning. But what about mascara? Nope. Foundation? None. Lipstick! Nada (unless you count lip balm).

For the past three years I've worked in the beauty industry, and not one magnificent makeup launch has convinced me to wear cosmetics every day. Don't get me wrong — I love products and have tested tons. I even have a go-to makeup kit for special occasions. However, I'm most comfortable bare-faced and makeup-free.

In the last year, celebrities have embraced the no-makeup trend, posting naked-skin shots on Instagram. And recently, YouTube gurus have started to spotlight the power of makeup by showing of just half a face of product. But as a beauty editor, isn't it my job to love cosmetics?