Ikea Wants to Help You Have a Better Morning

Ikea 2014 catalogue cover
Photo: Courtesy

Looking to focus their products and help customers "improve their lives at home," Ikea recently polled 8,000 respondents from around the world on how they begin their days—waking up in the morning, having breakfast and more. The findings were fascinating: In Shanghai, for example, people typically spend 56 minutes getting ready in the morning, while in Mumbai they generally take two hours and 24 minutes. While on the other hand, it's probably not surprising that 40% of New Yorkers have worked from their beds at some point.

Clever products appear in Ikea’s just-released 2015 catalog that address these specific discoveries. For those (and there are many) who use their smartphones as alarm clocks, there’s the nightside Selje ($29.99) table with a drawer that allows the phone charging wire to snake out and plug out through the back.

And then there’s the Malm bed ($449) that lifts up to provide storage so you can easily tuck away bedding and pillows without over-stuffing your closets (and encountering an anxiety-provoking avalanche). Love that.

You can access their Life at Home research and play with the fun Data Mixing Board interface to explore how people behave differently across the globe when it comes to daily rituals. Just don’t stay up late wondering why people in Shanghai (58%) are more likely than Muscovites (39%) to select their outfits the night before work.

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