Peeps Milk
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The post below entitled, “If You Must Have More Sugar In Your Diet, Then Peeps Milk Is For You,” originally appeared on FWx.

If you get frustrated around this time of year because you have to chew your Peeps, Illinois-based Prairie Farms has teamed up with the chick-shaped marshmallow maker and created a new line of Easter-themed flavored milks.

With 37 grams of sugar per serving, the drinkable Peeps come in three flavors: Marshmallow, Chocolate Marshmallow and Easter Egg Nog (Christmas no longer owns the nog). But don't worry about the amount of sugar, the milk is low fat.

Peeps milk is on the shelves now for a limited time. If you have the stomach to try this sugar-filled beverage, we recommend you immediately call your dentist, personal trainer … and mother.