Idina Menzel - Lead
Credit: Noam Galai/WireImage

Big news for Idina Menzel fans! The Broadway superstar announced via Facebook Live on Thursday night that her fifth studio album is on its way.

In the candid clip Menzel, 45, reveals that her new album, simply titled Idina., is an incredibly personal one. "I've had a crazy couple years, some good stuff, some bad stuff and I got in the studio with some of the most amazing people—songwriters and producers—and poured my heart out, and used my music as a place to kind of figure some things out," she told fans.

As for the title of the album? "I want you to know me on a first-name basis, I guess," she offered, stressing the importance of the period at the end of her name. "It kind of gives it a little attitude."

Menzel went on to perform an acoustic version of a single from the album called "I See You," an emotional ballad about heartbreak and loneliness.

Idina. is slated for a Sept. 23 release and is available for pre-sale now. "I See You" is available to free with all album preorders. Watch the announcement and her performance of "I See You" above