By Tiffany Faure
Oct 02, 2014 @ 5:35 pm Images

Dorothy’s ruby red slippers aren’t in Kansas anymore! The most iconic shoes in cinematic history are finally back home in Los Angeles for the final showing of the groundbreaking multimedia exhibition “Hollywood Costume.”

From Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white halter dress in The Seven Year Itch to the cream-colored suit and purple hat Kate Winslet wore (below, left) in Titanic, and Nicole Kidman’s Swarovski crystal-encrusted “Pink Diamonds” costume (below, right) in Moulin Rouge, “Hollywood Costume” presents the most memorable and coveted costumes across a century of cinema.

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While there is glamour and glitter galore, the exhibition is about much more than just clothing. "Costumes are so much more than clothes,” exhibition curator and costume designer Deborah Nadoolman Landis says. “Costumes embody the psychological, social and emotional condition of the character at a particular moment in the script.”

"Hollywood Costume" demonstrates how costume designers have embraced and utilized innovations in technology with examples from the early silent era to today’s digitally enhanced, cutting-edge designs and also explores the integral role costume design plays in storytelling. A three-gallery journey delineates the costume designer’s process of bringing characters to life from script to screen.

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More than 150 costumes—including 40 new costumes from recent films like The Hunger Games, Dallas Buyer’s Club, American Hustle, Django: Unchained, The Great Gatsby—are on display.

"Hollywood Costume" will be on view to the public from Oct. 2, 2014, through March 2, 2015, at the historic Wilshire May Company Building in Los Angeles. Purchase tickets at today!

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