Ian Somerhalder didn’t even wait a day after wrapping The Vampire Diaries before embarking on the road trip that he always wanted to take. The handsome star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night, and told the host all about his cross-country drive with wife Nikki Reed.

“It was incredible. My wife and I, we wrapped Vampire Diaries at 2-something in the morning—we left. We were the only people left on the stage, and we jumped in the Airstream with the dog and we just drove across the entire country,” he shared.

“We would pull over at truck stops, we would never get out. We would just lock the car. We’d go in the back. It’s great. You have your own kitchen, your own living room. We would go and we would cook.”

Somerhalder admitted to staying one night in a hotel in Dallas but the couple otherwise lived out of their trailer. “You forget how beautiful this country is, this gorgeous nation that we live in,” he said. “We would stop and we would cook dinners in the Airstream. New Mexico, we were all over it. We were studying Georgia O'Keeffe and just hanging out.”




Watch Somerhalder share the story in the above video.