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Love them or hate them, but anything remotely dealing with the Kardashians tends to saturate the media, and 9 times out of 10, making small talk with a stranger over what exactly Scott Disick is up to these days will trump conversation topics like how weird the weather has been lately.

I'm completely guilty of keeping up with them in most aspects—most meaning, I couldn't exactly justify spending $2.99 on their repsective apps. Out of the entire Kardashian-Jenner crew, I'm partial to Kim because I'm super into the way she does her makeup, and Khloe, of course, is the one you want to party with. I'll admit that I'm pretty fascinated by Kylie. Her beauty transformation has been pretty dramatic, causing such a stir that she's launching her own lip kit as a result. I'm pretty sure her wig room alone is bigger than my entire apartment, and those nails? Don't even get me started; those are mesmerizing enough to warrant an entire story of their own.

So I thought, why not? I'll wear super-long Kylie Jenner nails for a week, try to navigate such intricacies like showering and applying skin care, and hopefully live to tell the tale. Besides, if it brings me that much closer to Kanye, I'm down. With that, I booked an appointment at New York City's Yukie Beauty Spa and asked for a set of insanely long gel extensions. I thought the pearl nail polish made a nice touch.

Kylie Jenner nails embed
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Granted, I didn't go for the flat tips Kylie does, as I personally prefer a Lana Del Rey-esque stiletto, and my hands are pretty small, so they would have looked creepier than they already do. Day 1 of the long nail challenge was the toughest of them all.

As a side note, my wireless router in my apartment broke earlier that week, so immediately after getting my nails done, I had to pick up a new one from Best Buy and install it at home. Small wires are the absolute worst to untangle and plug in when you're sort of re-learning how to use your fingers without cracking your manicure, and the entire process took about 30 minutes longer than the standard two, but it eventually got done.

Texting was hard, so this was one of the few times I was grateful that autocorrect existed; I was misspelling just about every word I typed on my laptop. And forget about Instagram. My nails were double-tapping just about every photo as I scrolled down the page, so fair warning if you're a serial social media stalker considering a set of your own nail extensions. On the upside, things got easier from there once I began to adjust and re-learn the hand motions I used back in my acrylic French tip days.

Surprisingly, everyday tasks I thought would be a struggle—like applying makeup, taking a shower, and putting on skin care—weren't too different from when I had shorter nails, though getting moisturizer and foundation underneath my nails was kind of a hassle at first. (Pro tip: If you're digging your moisturizer out of a pot, use either the included plastic spoon to scoop it out, or use the front side of your nail so nothing gets trapped underneath.) Because I'm slightly obsessive compulsive, I also carried a mini pack of wet wipes around in my handbag to clean up throughout the day.

As the week went on, I grew to love the nails, along with the sassy clicking noise they made on my iPhone while I was texting. The most surprising result was what the nails did for my skin. I have no self-control, and if there is a clogged pore or blackhead on my skin, I will absolutely pick at it. I was so scared to make a crack in the gel, that I had to forgo that whole ritual entirely and settle for an exfoliating scrub every few days. I never expected a set of pointy stiletto nails to pretty much fix the weird complex I had for years, especially when they look pretty counterintuitive at first glance, so I was pretty shocked by that. Not to mention, how much better my skin looked once I stopped messing with it so much. With Thanksgiving a few days away and my nails showing no signs of budging for at least one more week, it looks like I'll be taking them home to meet the parents this year. I sure do hope mom and dad approve.