Find Out How to Be "That Girl" and Treat Yourself Better in 2016

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It's January, which means you've likely set some sort of New Year's resolution, whether it's to get in shape, eat better, or get a jumpstart on 2016 trends. But as you set out to conquer the gym, the kitchen, or the closet, don't forget to also set your sights on you.

That's what I Am That Girl and the beauty brand Biossance hope you do with their recently launched campaign "All the Vibes," which, I Am That Girl co-founder Emily Greener tells InStyle, is a "holistic way to look at wellness, with an I Am That Girl spin." The aim of I Am That Girl is to shift girl culture by changing the way girls treat themselves—and each other. (InStyle also recently partnered with the organization to give celebrities like Lea Michele, Mindy Kaling, Shonda Rhimes, and Amanda Seyfried a place to chat frankly about issues affecting girls' self-esteem. In our February issue, now on newsstands? Rashida Jones.)

So, what, exactly, are All The Vibes? Your soul, your self, and your surroundings, all of which affect how you feel. The campaign guides you to healthy habits in all three areas through a video series that features college-age I Am That Girl community members working with experts to improve their health, nutrition, and life (think: de-cluttering). Biossance also will provide funding for more than 5,000 girls to be a part of the empowering I Am That Girl program, and—because we all hope you find the All the Vibes campaign revitalizing—the company is offering a discount, especially for InStyle readers, on its The Revitalizer moisturizing concentrate. Simply enter the discount code INNERSTYLE at checkout and see the price go from $58 to $39 on one of its most highly-rated products.

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Connect with the campaign by checking out and on social via the #allthevibes hashtag.

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