The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence
Credit: Courtesy of Nicole Miller; Courtesy of Lionsgate/Entertainment Weekly

The odds are in our favor! Lionsgate just released a photo of Katniss Everdeen's look for the opening parade of The Hunger Games to Entertainment Weekly, the one in which her stylist Cinna (played by Lenny Kravitz) transforms her from woodsy tomboy to showstopping woman full of fire. The look was described by Katniss in Suzanne Collins' book as "a simple black unitard that covers me from ankle to neck." And, we must say, costume designer Judianna Makovsky's design looks familiar! Nicole Miller offered her sketch of the pivotal moment to recently, when we asked designers to interpret the look themselves, and created a very similar style for the herione. Tell us: What's your reaction to the fire look? Let us know in the comments!

Plus, see more designers sketch the fire dress!