By Jennifer Davis
Updated Apr 16, 2013 @ 12:30 pm
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Only a few pivotal scenes were revealed just-released trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, but it's just enough to light a spark in us! Scroll down to see the five fashion and beauty moments we can't wait to see in full IMAX 3D when the film hits theaters November 22. 

1. Katniss's Victory Tour Outfits

Asymmetrical zippers! Two-tone fabrics! Yes, please. This Sportmax ensemble is in the running for Halloween 2013.

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2. Effie's Extreme Ruffles

The rings, the ruffles, the blue hair—this is Capitol fashion, by definition!

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3. Katniss's Red-Tinted Smoky Eye

This girl really is on fire! A flame-inspired smoky eye? We want it.

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4. Primrose's Reverse French Braid

Primrose Everdeen channels her older sister Katniss's famous side-bride with an intricate weaving of her own. We're already working on a how-to.

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5. Katniss's Fresh-Faced Skin

While Katniss’s fancy Capitol looks are eye-catching, her natural beauty radiates back in District 12.

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Plus, see photos from Catching Fire!

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