By Gwendolyn Rahn
Updated Nov 30, 2015 @ 4:45 pm
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Credit: Pete Thompson

It’s said that in order to measure the human experience, you must pin point the driving force behind life’s most celebrated journeys. We are defined by the series of key events and encounters that form the mosaic of our most precious accomplishments, and are characterized by the memories we hold most dear. For some it may be the adoption of a child or the historical significance of a marriage, while others are defined by a more personal voyage.

In order to capture the essence behind life’s most meaningful experiences, we joined forces with Baume et Mercier to honor these defining moments and the personal celebrations that come along with them.


Baume Mercier - Jac & Diane V3

When Diane Barba first heard the word “cancer,” her outlook on life as she previously knew it radically changed. However, the support of her family and friends, and the strength of her daughter Jacqueline, shifted her perspective to a resilient one. Her fight against the disease has taught her the importance of bravery and allowing nothing but your most precious moments to define you.

To support her fight against breast cancer, Jacqueline gifted her mother a Classima 10222 Baume et Mercier timepiece.


Baume & Mercier Holiday - Jeffrery

What started as a spark in a bar 14 years ago has flourished into a life-long commitment between two people in love – a relationship that, until recently, was not legally recognized. Thanks to the Supreme Court ruling on June 26, 2015, NYC architect Jeffery Povero and public relations guru Jeffrey Schneider are able to finally participate in the ultimate love story.

Jeffrey celebrates his love for his husband Jeffery by gifting a beautiful Clifton 10052 Baume et Mercier watch.


Baume Mercier - Violet V3

The decision to leave behind one’s secure full-time job is not a choice that is made lightly. When Violet Gaynor left her long-time position as a fashion editor to fulfill her life dream of starting her own company, it was a leap that she knew she would never regret. With focus, conviction and a deep belief in herself, she set out to create a brand surrounding other inspiring women offering real life insight.

As a memento of her personal strides, Violet gifted herself a Classima 10223 Baume et Mercier watch.


Baume Mercier - Steph & Chris V4

When Stephanie fell in love with Chris, she knew their love story would be drastically different than most. Chris, a Naval officer, knew his deep sense of service to his country would keep him separated from those he loved the most. Navigating the tricky waters of deployment six months per year, and overcoming the challenge of childbirth without the father present, speaks to the deep-rooted bond of a military family.

To celebrate their growing family, and to serve as a reminder of their love when they are apart, Stephanie gifted Chris a Clifton 10055 Baume et Mercier timepiece.


Baume & Mercier - Patricia Karpas

Success carries many definitions, and is often misconstrued with personal wealth. For Patricia, it’s really about living a life with purpose. A life-long career in media was exciting and rewarding, but her true calling came later in life. Shifting focus, Patricia sought out an entrepreneurial path doing what she loves most — helping and inspiring others.

To celebrate her life dedicated to inspiring others, Patricia purchased a Promesse 10199 Baume et Mercier watch.


Baume Mercier - Quentin & Jessica V2

Quentin and Jessica didn’t sleep a wink on their 15-hour flight to Johannessburg, South Africa. They weren’t traveling on any dream vacation, but to meet their adoptive daughter for the first time and bring her home to the United States. In a matter of weeks, adoption went from being a distant possibility to the process that created a family and saved a life.

To celebrate their new family, Quentin & Jessica gifted one another a Classima 10224 and Classima 10144 Baume et Mercier watches.