By Hayley Spencer
Updated Mar 22, 2016 @ 9:30 am
Luke Evans And Hugh Jackman's Gaston Sing Off
Credit: Courtesy YouTube

As the lyrics to the Beauty and the Beast number go: "Gaston is the best"—but who's the best at playing Gaston? That's what Hugh Jackman and Luke Evans set out to determine this week by performing the Disney's character's self-titled song on the U.K.'s The Jonathan Ross Show.

Both stars have had more than their fair share of practice belting the lyrics. Evans plays Gaston in the upcoming live-action version of the animated Disney classic, which co-stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens as Belle and Beast. Jackman also took on the ego-centric role for an Australian production of the fairytale's Broadway musical adaptation.

Evans and Jackman took on the song during the talk show—with Ross and their fellow guests playing the villagers—and were passed steins of beer to get into the spirit of playing the "king pin" with the thickest neck in the land. Watch the performance here:

We'll let you decide who won the sing-off, but props go to Jackman's Eddie the Eagle co-star Taron Egerton, who jumped right into playing Gaston's doting side-kick LeFou and belted out the prologue without even looking at the lyrics. Is it too late to cast him in the new Disney movie?