Hugh Jackman is celebrating his birthday today! The versatile and Golden Globe-winning actor is turning 49, and we're sure he's ringing in the special day with a bit of Jackman-esque whimsy.

We've been keeping up with the Australian actor's Instagram feed from the beginning, and it's been a constant flow of Jackman's dapperness mixed in with his all-around silly personality. It's enough to make anyone fall in love with the actor over and over again.

Celebrate Jackman's special day by reminding yourself why he's among the most lovable actors in Hollywood (it's not just for his Wolverine abs). To start, here are 23 perfect examples.

When he supported education in Colombia:

When we couldn't decide who was cuter, Jackman or his pups:

When he started the countdown to his next birthday with the caption, "Ticktock Ticktock":

When he posted a touching tribute to his late mother-in-law:

When he showed off his lovely wife:

When he supported female education alongside Michelle Obama and Salma Hayek:

When he photobombed a baby penguin:

When he celebrated 20 years of marriage:

When he gifted the class of 2016 with this glorious throwback:

When he made a new friend:

When he took a bite out of Blackbeard's ship:

When he made this face:

When he posed with Cara Delevingne:

When he showed the world he could tap dance:

When he proved love isn't dead:

When he posted this throwback:

When he cuddled with his dogs:

When he wore this dapper suit:

When he revealed his beauty routine:

When he impersonated Jim Carrey:

When he showed off his ironing skills:

When he made bloopers look good:

When he practiced his handstands: