By Rita Kokshanian
Updated Jul 11, 2014 @ 1:15 pm
Credit: Instagram/jaredleto

Now that Ryan Gosling is a step closer to officially being off the market, it's time for us to find a new feel-good meme star to get us through tough times. Enter: Jared Leto. Last weekend, the Oscar-winning actor posted a photo of himself hugging a tree to Instagram with the caption, "Tree huggin hippy? Guilty! #lovelustfaithdreamstour #dayoff #chicothedogdoyoumissme?" Luckily, someone decided to alter the photo to include multiple Jared Letos hugging many trees (and even two hugging the dog), which the Thirty Seconds to Mars singer posted to his Instagram (above). And just like that, a meme was born.

Since then, the internet has exploded with memes of Jared Leto hugging everything from a unicorn to his Oscar to a devastated Brazil soccer fan. A quick perusal of Leto's Twitter feed, which is full of retweets of the images, shows he's all for his newfound meme fame. You can even find PNG and PSD files of the hugging Jared Leto on his official website so you can easily make your very own meme.