By Dana Avidan Cohn
Updated Apr 04, 2014 @ 12:35 pm
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Everyone has a baseball cap buried somewhere in their closet, but do you have the right one? This classic shape, once associated with sporting events and incognito paparazzi shots, has taken on a whole new role as a must-have accessory for spring. The sport trend, as you probably know by now, has become a well-established way of dressing and baseball caps are the latest extension of that style.

To sift though the plethora of options out there, look for hats in interesting fabrics like suede, wool, and leather in subtle prints or solids. If you stick to muted colors like black, navy, cream, and grey it will help to add sophistication and make them easier to wear. When you are putting together a look, make sure there is at least one polished element, i.e. a tailored shirt, a chic lightweight coat, or a structured bag.

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@Instyledana says: "Stick to muted colors like black, navy, cream, & grey it will help to add sophistication," #howtowearit #baseballhats

Although it is OK to mix in one other slightly sporty element, like a slip-on sneaker or mirrored sunglasses, you don’t want to go overboard with sporty details. I like the boyish-meets-feminine approach the best with a long chiffon skirt, a structured lace top, and chic flat sandal.

Take-away tip: Baseball caps can look too dressed down or like an afterthought, so adding a touch of lipstick and styling your hair first can make all the difference.

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