By Tess Kornfeld
Updated Dec 25, 2015 @ 12:00 pm
Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage

It’s the time of year for New Year’s resolutions, and Chrissy Teigen’s already got one teed up for 2016. “I would definitely like to be a closer and a better friend to everybody,” she told InStyle at the Target Wonderland launch party in New York earlier this month. We were surprised because it seems like she would be the best friend anyone could have (we imagine long chats on the phone, inspiring texts, funny private Snapchats). But for Teigen, she just wants to find the time to maintain BFF status with her closest pals.

“I have this core group of people in my life and it is so hard to keep in touch,” she said. “They are all having children, and I miss birthdays. And I miss the birth of their kids and I miss their kids’ birthdays, and that feels bad every year.”

Therefore, she’s doing something about it. “I always send an email around this time every year, so I am going to stick with that one forever. They are also so understanding and sweet with it, which is why they are my friends in the first place.”

She’s also convincing her husband, singer John Legend, to join her Friendship Status Crusade. “The other day, John asked me if I texted my friends a lot to see how they’re doing. I said, 'Yeah.' He said he doesn’t do that. I told him, ‘You should do that! That’s what friends do!'”

So, if you’ve always wanted to be like Chrissy Teigen, here’s an easy way to make that happen: Text your besties. Tell them Chrissy sent you. Now.