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Sure, minimalist manis are having a moment, but if you keep up with the Kardashians, as well as every other trendy nail studio on Instagram, the abundance of stiletto shapes and ultra-long talons are enough to prompt us to toy with the idea of getting a set for ourselves. "Stiletto nails are beautiful and considered 'fantasy' nails, but we always underestimate the practicalilty of it all," says manicurist Gina Edwards for Kiss nails. For starters, everyday activities like washing your face, showering, and sometimes even picking things up can become a process, but things become less difficult if you ease into the look. "It takes some time to adjust to the length," Edwards adds. "I always advise clients to go a bit shorter, and grow into the stiletto."

Keeping your new talons clean is a must, as bacteria can get caught underneath the length. Edwards advises cleaning the undersides of your nails with a toothbrush dipped in peroxide, though if you're in a pinch, a mini bottle of hand sanitizer can hold you over until you're able to get home to your sink. When applying makeup, use brushes or your favorite sponge to avoid having product crammed into your manicure, and for skin care products, scooping your moisturizer out of the jar with a mini-spatula will minimize the cleanup. As for your shower regime? If you're scared you'll scratch yourself, make the most of your loofah or wash cloth, and for extra protection, Edwards even suggests using a pair of gloves, if necessary. Rounding off the tips with a nail file may also reduce the risk of an accidental scratch, but until you completely adjust to your mile-long mani, be conscious of any sudden hand movements. "More quickly, nail accidents can happen," says Edwards. "Often times, you can get a superficial crack, damage your enhancements, or worse...your natural nail, which can be painful."