Eyebrows Lead
Credit: Getty Images/Blend Images

It's not often that we'll pass up the opportunity to try a DIY beauty treatment. For those of us more practiced, an at-home blowout can rival the work of your stylist (and for free!) or our mani handiwork is just enough to pass muster for the work of a nali vet. But when it comes to keeping our eyebrows perfectly groomed, we tend to leave it to the pros.

With celebs like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins keeping the bold brow trend alive and a hashtag that's racked up nearly 1.5 million Instagram mentions and counting (#brows), there's no room for error when it comes to keeping your brows on point. In a pinch, we might reach for a pair of tweezers to pluck a few stray hairs between appointments, but that's the farthest we'll go.

So imagine our surprise when Kylie Jenner recently took to Snapchat with a few videos of herself waxing her own brows. And if Jenner's doing it, there are bound to be others looking to follow her lead. To get a jump on self-waxing, we called on Zoey Van Jones, founder of her eponymous California-based brow bar, Zoey Van Jones Brow Studio, for tips on trying an at-home wax.

Wax Only for Touch-Ups

Trust your instinct when it comes to particularly hairy brow jobs—that is, leave it to the pros. "I recommend seeing a professional for brow shaping," says Van Jones. "Perhaps an occasional wax between shapings for a clean-up is acceptable [but don't go overboard]."

First, Prep Your Skin

"You want the wax to stick to your hairs," says Van Jones. "Not your skin." Apply a light coating of a moisturizing balm like Smith's Rosebud Salve ($6, along your brow bone to prevent any irritation.

Be Sure to Use the Right Formula

Resist the urge to use body wax on your brow area if your local drugstore is out of facial wax. Also, steer clear of honey-based wax, which Van Jones says tends to stick to delicate facial skin. Instead, try one that contains zinc oxide, which is known to protect sensitive complexions. We like Suddenly Smooth Ultra Sensitive Zinc Oxide Wax ($17,

Wax in Sections

Unlike your brow guru's one-and-done technique, Van Jones recommends working in small steps to avoid making any mistakes. Depending on the length of your brows, try waxing in thirds. Start at the outer ends, then work your way to your arch, and finally the area nearest the bridge of your nose. Hold off on waxing above your brows to avoid overdoing it. Tweeze any stray strands and finish by applying a calming cream like Human + Kind Family Remedy Cream ($30, with clean fingers to soothe any inflammation or redness.

Allow freshly waxed skin to breathe for about an hour after your DIY treatment. No matter how much of a rush you're in, try to avoid applying makeup to the area to prevent pesky breakouts—you'll thank us later.