How to Twirl Like a Goddess, as Demonstrated by J.Lo and Her Heavenly Rainbow Dress


Jennifer Lopez whets our fashion appetite each and every week with a dazzling new look, from pretty pastels to sexy slits. But this time, it's the twirl factor that has the world abuzz.

On last night's episode of American Idol, she shared this mesmerizing photo of her spinning in a multicolored metallic striped dress featuring a pleated skirt by Blumarine. As the last few live shows approach, J. Lo is turning up the heat! "This dress was the perfect combo of cool chic and glam with pops of colored metallic stripes," stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn tell InStyle.

But the myriad of color doesn't stop at the outfit; the singer's flawless makeup was also a work of art. "For tonight's coloring, we decided to match it to one of the stripes of the dress but didn't want to do much to overpower it," makeup artist Mary Phillips tells InStyle. We did a monochromatic burgundy look on her eyes and glossy lips."

Simply stunning.

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