How to Treat Wax Irritation
Credit: Courtesy (4); Time Inc. Digital Studios (4)

Sure, brow waxes get you the on-fleek arches you're after, but another effect of waxing, inflammation, is just as likely—and a lot less desirable. We know how embarrassing it can be to step out of the salon with an inflamed face, but a simple post-treatment step can quickly reduce redness and get skin back to normal.

Your first instinct might be to cover the affected area with foundation or concealer, but before you do this, try an aloe and Vitamin E-infused calming solution to combat inflammation. European Wax Center Calming Cream ($17; and GiGi Skin Calming Lotion ($10; both double as moisturizers. Murad Skin Sensitive Soothing Serum ($54; tames redness with a lightweight formula. Heading to the office or social gathering after your waxing appointment? Toss Shaveworks The Cool Fix Lip & Brow Formula Post-Wax Rollerball ($21; into your bag for on-the-go healing.

Along with the innovative formulas mentioned above, there are also a few effective at-home solutions you can try. For quick fix found in your medicine cabinet, apply a small dab of hydrocortisone cream ($10; to calm redness. Alternatively, apply cooled, brewed tea bags over the eyes, or simply hold an ice pack (or bag of frozen veggies) over the area to suppress inflammation.