By Dianna Mazzone
Dec 10, 2015 @ 2:30 pm
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The holiday travel season is upon us, and while you can get away with balling up your sweaters and stuffing them into your suitcase, traveling with your cosmetics and hair products requires a bit more strategizing. So, we asked a few makeup artists for their tips to make it work. Between hustling from backstage areas in between fashion shows, to boarding planes bound for Hollywood and N.Y.C,. we know they've got travel prep down to a science.

Scale It Back
“I like to transfer any liquid foundations, moisturizers, or cleansers into travel-sized plastic containers from my local drugstore. This prevents any breakage of glass bottles. And if your luggage goes missing, you won’t lose the entire product.”—Nicole Chew, LA-based makeup artist

Have Your Products Pull Double Duty
“To cut down on bulk, I like multi-use products, especially those in small and light packaging. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks ($29; and Nars The Multiple ($39;—which can be used for cheeks, lips, eyes, and body—are favorites."—Silver Bramham, LA-based makeup artist

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Start Squeezing
"If you have a foundation, shampoo—anything that comes in a plastic bottle—squeeze out the extra air before you get on an airplane. The air pressure will cause the bottle to explode if it’s overfilled.” Susan Haddon, LA-based makeup artist

Pack the Right Formulas
“Instead of powders, opt for cream formulas since they don’t drip or break.” —Susan Haddon

Protect Your Powders
"If you really can’t live without traveling with powder products, place two cotton rounds inside the compact and secure the outside with a rubber band. The cotton acts as shock absorption, preventing your powders from shattering in your luggage.” Cyndle Komarovski, NYC-based makeup artist