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Summer is the perfect time to give in to your wanderlust, but, as we all know, vacations can often come at a hefty price. What if you could travel like a seasoned jetsetter without facing massive credit card debt? We reached out to our friends at for some tips on how to cut around peak-season prices this summer—whether on the road or flying the skys. Here, household savings expert Jeanette Pavini gives four sage nuggets of wisdom.

Buy Tickets on Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons
Thinking of booking your flight next weekend? Not so fast, warns Pavini. “Eighty percent of airfare sales start on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” she says. And keep in mind: “Early birds may not get the best deals. When searching for tickets, make sure to wait until 4 p.m. EST to see if other airlines have lower prices.”

Stow Away Your Luggage
Planning your own Crossroads-worthy trip? Ditch the roof rack and keep your luggage inside the car to increase your fuel efficiency by five percent. According to Pavini, that hundred-mile drive could save you enough gas money for a boozy celebratory meal at the finish line.

Avoid One-Way Car Rentals
Thinking of renting a car? Make sure to bring it back where you borrowed it. “Return the car to the same place you rented it from or pay around twice as much,” says Pavini, who recommends Saturday night as the optimal time to rent (Monday through Friday business travel makes up the largest chunk of rentals).

Consult the Concierge
When searching for that perfect hotel getaway, skip the operator and go straight to the front desk. “Call the hotel directly and you have more room to negotiate,” Pavini says. “A chain’s 1-800 booking number is usually working off set rates.” Schmoozing for a corner room could get you even more space—and a killer view—for the same price.