How a Tornado Can Inspire Fashion Design

Photo: Courtesy Photo

Rising designer Kaelen Farncombe didn’t set out to chase tornadoes. But after her brother gave her a storm-chasing trip as a Christmas gift, she went along for the ride. Turns out, it was more than just an adrenaline rush—it became the inspiration for her spring 2011 Kaelen collection. “I think it just furthered my belief that inspiration has to be organic,” Farncombe told InStyle of her trip. And with the recent tornado devastation sweeping America, it’s a particularly relevant collection. “My experience was quite removed from that kind of turmoil and devastation, as we were in areas that were very rural and there ended up being minimal damage and we got to really see and appreciate something so powerful,” she explained of the difference between her experience and the recent occurrences. “My collection focused on more the color combinations and the calm that comes after a storm, rather than the harshness of it, but [the recent storms] did remind me that there are two sides to the coin and that nature is something to be revered.” Click through the gallery to see the photographs Farncombe took on her trip, and how they translated into her spring collection, available now at

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