5 Lessons I Learned from Wearing a Swimsuit to Work for a Week

This week, InStyle is diving into the changing look, complicated impact, and undeniable power of summer's uniform: the swimsuit.

Have you ever loved a new swimsuit so much, you're praying for a beach day justto have an excuse to wear it out?

As the swimwear editor at InStyle, so have I. Which is why, I figured out how to end the wait: Wear your swimsuits to work.

That's right—I wore my favorite one-piece bathing suits to the office, pretending they were body suits, every day for a week. And despite numerous wedgies (and, let's be real, annoying bathroom visits), I can definitively say that it's not only possible, it's also great way to give your swim collection more love throughout the year.

Thanks to my obsession with swimsuits, I had quite a few options stashed away—but choosing which ones were work appropriate was a whole different battle. On the NO list were any suits with very low-cut backs, straps that were too skinny, or out-or-control cleavage, which means I immediately nixed about half of my swim closet.

I realized that the key to making your one-piece wearable at work is balance, when it comes to both colors and silhouettes. I generally opt for bright hues, interesting silhouettes, and maybe a print here and there when I shop for swimsuits. To make them work, I complemented those look-at-me swim numbers with simple, monochrome bottoms and jackets. As you'll see in the video above, I paired my statement, color-blocked Flagpole Swimsuit with a simple denim flared skirt. On the other hand, when I wanted to wear statement clothing, I worked in a classic swim shape with a subtle, neutral print that functioned more or less like a tank.

Rule #2, I found out, was wearing bottoms that don't encourage your suit to ride up (because there will be wedgies). A form-fitting pair of high-waisted jeans brought my wedgie count up to 10, but my denim skirt allowed me to sit in my bathing suit in peace.

Watch the video at top for more tried and true styling tips. Those swimsuits don’t have to gather dust in your closet for eight months! Break them out with your favorite midi skirt or underneath your chicest blazer for the office. It's swimsuit season—even if yours is making its debut at your desk.

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