Resolution App We Love: Use Your Phone to Wake Up Peacefully

Meditation App - Lead
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Too often, we wake up, groggily grab our phones, and immediately begin checking our social media platforms and emails, making it impossible to start the day with a calm, clear head. We’re ready to change that.

In an attempt to wake up more peacefully in 2016, we’re going to spend our first moments in the morning meditating. Don't get us wrong—we're still going to grab our phones—it's just that now it will be in an effort to help us breathe deeply and repeat a positive mantra. By downloading Sattva (free on iTunes and Google Play), we plan to reduce stress, increase creativity and focus, and banish any anxiety.

Meditation App -

The app, a meditation timer and tracker, provides a list of free, guided meditations and calming sounds, plus a heart rate monitor and mood tracker to document your pulse and mindset before and after sessions. Challenges and trophies help keep you motivated. So tomorrow morning, ignore those text messages for a few moments longer and just breathe. Your mind and body will thank you.

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