The Ultimate Guide to Using Dermarollers

The Ultimate Guide to Using Derm Rollers at Home
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The idea of rolling a bunch of tiny little needles over your skin can definitely be frightening, but if you can withstand the pain, the devices can deliver major benefits for your skin. Some claim that they reduce the appearance of wrinkles and even scarring.

Mona A. Gohara, M.D., a medical and procedural dermatologist, says that the handheld tool, "can increase collagen production, which will plump and revitalize the skin." As we get older collagen levels tend to drop, therefore causing the skin to thin. But incorporating dermarollers into your beauty routine can combat the loss of collagen as each needle creates a tiny wound in the skin. That is why it's crucial to make sure you know exactly what you are doing when using the little devices.

The first thing to consider is which gauge needles to purchase. There are several size needles on the market. They range from .25 mm to 3 mm, but Dr. Gohara recommends sticking with the tiniest. "Smaller needles are better for the face." Try a .5 mm device or smaller for the most pain-free results.

Since you're technically causing wounds to the skin, it's important to be cautious of what you apply before and after Dr. Gohara suggests that you "avoid using retinols and AHA right before and after use." You'll also want to choose a day where you can go without makeup for a few hours.

To properly prep the skin Dr. Gohara advises users to, "wash gently with a pH neutral, non-soap cleanser to ensure a clean surface."

As for how often you should roll the tool over your face, the skin expert stresses users not to overdo it. Excessive application, "can lead to scaring and discoloration. Once a week is plenty."

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