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Bobby pins bring us back to our prom and ballerina days, a time when (what felt like) hundreds of those little guys worked so impressively to hold our delicate updos in place for hours. But what if we told you the role of this summer’s most-wanted accessory can effortlessly take your day-to-day look from classic to chic—no matter your hair length? Below, we’ve rounded up the cutest bobby pins on the market, and more importantly, how to rock them like some of our favorite celebs. Scroll through to find your favorites.

For a Retro Look

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Embracing bangs during the summer could be a difficult feat (especially when they’re in your face all the time). To get bangs completely out of the face, we're loving a fun retro look like Emmy Rossum, who tightly secured her curls with just a few pins. Or if you have longish fringe, try a low swooping pin-back. Just fasten the hair further down as Hailee Steinfeld did.

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When it comes to this '60s look, what better way to show off your 'do then with some added glitz? For a stylish opportunity to get your locks out of your face like Emmy and Hailee, pull the hair back and secure with a few bedazzled pins. For some sparkles, we like the Karina Summer Bobby Pin Set ($6; or the Tasha Sparkled Bobby Pins ($22;

For a Sophisticated Look

Actress Margot Robbie (hair detail) attends Hugo Boss Prize 2014 at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on November 20, 2014 in New York City.
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Margot Robbie's 'do here is elegant perfection. To hold a bun like this in place during a fancy evening out, we suggest using a bunch of neutral pins to hold the hair in place at the bottom, and then slipping one decorative bobby pin through the top of the bun to more firmly tuck and secure your strands.

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For a more sophisticated look, we love statement pins that are capable of standing alone. To create a delicate appearance, go with a pearl set such as J. Crew Girl’s Pearl Bobby Pins ($13; For an exquisite pop of color, we love Anthropologie's Pearlized Bobby Set ($24; For a dignified, gorgeous addition, try Anthropologie's Eustatia Bobby Set ($34;

For a Unique Look

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Gold never goes out of style. Need evidence? See Ashley Olsen's perfectly pinned topknot, where Dove Celebrity Stylist Mark Townsend claimed he "purposely let the gold bobby pins and hair pins show because they are such a great effect to a simple style."

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To achieve this look, hold a trendy topknot in place with's Model Bobbi Set in Mermaid and Metallic Gold ($10; For a unique spin on the golden hue, use's Everyday Bobbis in Metallic Rose Gold ($12;

For a Fun Look

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When it comes to a creative addition to any of the fun looks above, we can’t help but idolize these lively pins. For a catchy word to match your mood, stick with’s Girl Talk Bobbi Set ($15;, which features numerous super cool ways to make a statement. For a more personalized feel, use Anthropologie Zodiac Signs Bobby Set ($24; You can flaunt your zodiac sign when your horoscope is conveying positive vibes.