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Summer is winding down and chances are your hair has seen better days. Months of salt water, chlorine, and lying in the sun can leave even the healthiest strands feeling dry, lackluster, and anything but soft. Once you add one of these moisturizing formulas to your arsenal, though, your hair will be on the road to recovery in no time. Here, Ray Symons, Master Stylist at Mizu in New York, gives us three easy ways to restore softness and shine.

Cleansing Conditioner

To reverse post-summer dryness, the pro recommends swapping your shampoo with a cleansing conditioner. The product acts like a traditional shampoo, just without the suds, sulfates, or anything else that might break down the hair further. He loves R+Co's Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner (above, $29;, which, he says, cleanses the hair while keeping it soft and smooth.

Pre-Shampoo Treatment

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Another genius way to restore moisture is to apply conditioner before you wash your hair. “This extra step will soften the cuticle and keep it closed,” Symons tells InStyle. One pre-shampoo treatment he swears by is Kerastase Immersion Nutritive ($42; “The iris flower and royal jelly compound is best applied on dry or towel-dried hair and left in for five minutes before shampooing out.”

Leave-In Moisturizer

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Like a hand cream, a leave-in moisturizer, such as Oribe’s Supershine Moisturizing Cream ($49;, will keep parched hair feeling smooth and hydrated. Work a dab through the mid-length and ends after styling, Symons suggests. “You can apply it as many times throughout the day without the product weighing down your hair.”