How to Correctly Say 45 Commonly Mispronounced Names in Fashion

Designer Pronunciation Guide
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With New York Fashion Week upon us, designer names are thrown at us in all directions. And we’ve heard 'em all—every way imaginable. To help everyone get on the same page, we sat down and compiled a list of the most commonly mispronounced names in fashion.

We considered those we don’t even bother trying to say out loud, like Nicolas Ghesquiere (NEE-koh-la GEHS-kyair), recognizable names that tend to elicit angry pronunciation matches, like Proenza Schouler (pro-EHN-zah SKOOL-er), and the ones that are downright confusing, like Spanish label Loewe (LOH-eh-vay).

After intensively researching names and sounding them out, plus additional rounds of editing, fact-checking, and finessing, we present you with a phonetics guide to help you accurately pronounce each one. From Altuzarra (ahl-too-ZAH-rah) to Versace (vair-SAH-chay),click ahead for a lesson in fashion linguistics with our comprehensive, alphabetically sorted guide.

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