Sunburnt Scalp
Credit: Getty Images

Here at InStyle, we slather on sunscreen like nobody’s business. But we’ll admit: In the past, we’ve been guilty of neglecting our scalps. Let’s just say the painful stinging, redness, and flaking that followed was neither fun nor pretty.

Vowing to avoid the same mistake this summer, we chatted with an expert and came up with a few ways to keep our scalps healthy and burn-free—just in time for the long weekend. (Better yet, we promise these fixes won't leave your hair a greasy mess.)

Other than shielding your scalp with a chic hat or umbrella, celebrity hair care expert and restoration specialist Dr. Robert Dorin of True & Dorin Medical Group recommends a DIY method that protects strands as well. “Combine one tablespoon of SPF 50 lotion or liquid into half cup of water to be dissolved,” he says. Mist it on with a spray bottle or rub it on your scalp and hair before stepping into the sun.

If your hair is on the oily side, try tapping a powered sunscreen on exposed areas instead, says Dorin. We like Peter Thomas Roth’s Instant Mineral SPF 45 ($30; It comes with a convenient brush applicator and won’t spill all over your beach bag. Plus, it'll double as a finishing powder when your makeup gets shiny.

But if you're looking to fight frizz, a product like Guardian Sun Protection for Hair and Scalp by Tela Beauty Organics ($32; might be your new BFF. The UV-fighting formula hydrates parched hair and will prevent it from fluffing up in the humidity.

Of course, if you do happen to burn your scalp, Dorin has a couple suggestions for that, too. Be sure to wash in warm or cool water with a moisturizing shampoo (we like Marula’s Weightless Moisture Shampoo, $28;, which gently cleanses and nourishes), he says. Then, saturate your roots with aloe vera to calm and soothe.