Domaine – organize closet
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Megan Blalock is the managing editor for Who What Wear.

As I've explored on Who What Wear before, moving in with your S.O. can really change your whole closet organizing game. Suddenly, the amount of clothing, shoes, and other accessories in your house has doubled, and all the work you previously invested in keeping your stuff just so goes kaput.

Well, I also recently had the joyous experience of teaming up with the S.O. in question to organize our overflowing closet, and I discovered that the project actually isn't as overwhelming as it can seem—and the results are beyond rewarding. (It just feels so good to look at the former mess you've turned into a neat pile, doesn't it?)

We spent a relatively modest amount of money, investing in just a few key pieces that have upgraded the setup of both our wardrobes.