3 Handbag Designers' Secrets to Keeping Your Purse Organized at All Times

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It seems as though no matter how hard we try, our handbag is always a mess. Even if we pare our items down to the bare minimum (read: wallet, keys, and lipstick), by week's end, our carryall, inevitably, looks as though it's been through a war. Receipts, tissues, Band-Aids, and general clutter, all make it extremely difficult to find what we actually need. It's a constant battle that we face every single day. Small travel-size cosmetics and electronic receipts don't help matters, either. Despite our best efforts, it just never seems to stick.

Armed with the determination to find the solution to our never-ending problem, we reached out to a few of our favorite handbag designers for help. See below for their tips that will hopefully free us of our messy habits.

Rebecca Minkoff
"I make an effort to carry smaller bags with me, like a cross body bag or a small tote, that way I’m not tempted to keep adding more and more into my bag. Also, try to only carry your essentials! I always have my phone, ChapStick, hair elastics and moisturizer on hand."

Jessie Randall (of Loeffler Randall)
"I don’t keep my bag very organized and that’s part of the problem! One thing I do is put things like my latest craft project or a big stack of thank you notes in a large Ziploc inside my bag to keep them safe."

Clare Vivier
"I use our Flat and Wallet Clutches to keep everything neat when I'm carrying a big tote, like the Kenya I'm carrying right now or the Sandrine. The separate clutches keep my essentials organized, with my makeup in one, money and card case in another, and odds and ends that always wind up in my bag after a busy week in the other. They're also perfect for a quick change after work."

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