Beauty Editor Tricks to Make Your Blowout Last Longer

Blow Out
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A good hair day often leads to a really good day, period. So while we often wish for a fresh blow-out each morning, no one really has time for that. Below, find the best tips the InStyle beauty team has picked up to milk a blowout for days. Feel free to hit your snooze button a little longer now. You're welcome.

"I apply dry shampoo at night before going to bed. I really blast my roots with it. While I sleep, my strands and scalp soak up the oil and residue, so when I wake up I have fresh-looking hair. It's a genius tip I learned from a pro years ago—and it's literally changed my beauty game."—Angelique Serrano, InStyle beauty director

"My blowouts definitely need a little coaxing to stay in shape: In the morning, I use my favorite Klorane dry shampoo ($20; just in my roots, and then I put some smoothing cream (I like Bumble and Bumble All Style Blow Dry cream, $30; just in my ends. After, I use a flat, boar bristle brush (I, like every hairstylist, use a Mason Pearson) to smooth out any creases my strands developed overnight."—Maura Lynch, InStyle senior beauty editor

"If stretching the life of a blowout were an Olympic sport, I would be a gold medalist. My trick is that I use very, very minimal product. Maybe some texture spray and then just a hit of hairspray when I'm done. I used to think I had very thick hair, but stylist Serge Normant once told me, "You actually have very fine hair—you just have a ton of it." He advised me to keep the products to a minimum. That tip changed my life!"—Selene Milano, senior beauty editor

"I have fine hair that deflates pretty quickly. When I'm really trying to get an extra day out of my style, I'll skip conditioner before a blowout, the lack of oils prevent my strands from getting greasy and limp."—Sheryl George, InStyle beauty editor

"I swap my traditional shampoo for a clarifying one about once a week. Since they don't tend to be as moisturizing as my go-to formulas, they remove product residue and keep my scalp from getting slick in a day. I also love using R+Co Park Ave. Blowout Balm ($28; from mid-length to ends—it glues my horrible split ends back together without weighing down the overall style."—Marianne Mychaskiw, assistant beauty editor

"Hairstylist George Northwood told me to backcomb hair near the crown of the head in order to stop the style from falling flat prematurely. I’ve tried the tip at home to great success—no wonder he’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s go-to guy."—Dianna Mazzone, InStyle beauty assistant

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