This Popsicle Recipe Is the Perfect Healthy Grab-and-Go Breakfast—Wait, What?

Nothing says "summer" quite like a frozen treat. To help you beat the sweltering temps, we've rounded up our favorite popsicle recipes guaranteed to cool you down. Welcome to our Freeze This series.

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We at InStyle love a good gadget—especially one that saves you time in the morning. And every summer, like clockwork, we find ourselves turning back to Zoku's genius popsicle maker ($50;, which transforms fruit, juice, yogurt—and whatever else you might want to mix in—into delicious frozen pops in less than seven minutes (yes, you read that correctly).

This appropriately named Good Morning Icy Pop—a mix of Greek yogurt, honey, and berry purée—will get you out the door in a flash and keep you full until lunch. You're welcome.

Good Morning Icy Pop

Yields 6 popsicles


2 cups Greek yogurt

3 tbsp honey

15 oz berry-based smoothie (try Bolthouse Farms Berries & Green Veggies)

1 cup granola (optional)


1. In a bowl, combine granola (if using) and 1 tbsp honey.

2. In another bowl, combine and mix Greek yogurt and 2 tbsp honey together.

3. Sprinkle granola (if using) into the tip of the pop mold, approximately 1/4 up mold.

4. Add a dollop of the Greek yogurt blend into the mold, followed by a bit of the berry smoothie.

5. Repeat this process until the mold is filled.

6. Tap the mold to remove any access air bubbles and force the smoothie blend into the tip of the mold with the granola (if using).

7. Use a knife, or other kitchen utensil, to swirl the berry smoothie and Greek yogurt in the mold. Do not worry if you mix in some of the granola as part of this process (if using). Freeze until frozen.

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