By Samantha Faragalli
Updated Sep 08, 2015 @ 5:45 pm
Credit: Getty Images

There’s no better feeling than a fresh haircut—the perfectly trimmed ends and chic blowout take place of the split ends and damaged strands you entered the salon with. However, even though you may shampoo and deep condition your strands frequently, after just a few weeks of using hot tools, pesky frayed ends are almost inescapable. That said, we’ve rounded up the best ways to rid them—everything from getting haircuts more frequently to testing out at-home remedies directly from your kitchen cabinet. Scroll down to find out exactly what to do.

Get a Haircut More Frequently
Instead of waiting months for your next trim, simply get a haircut every few weeks depending on your hair length. The frequent cut will easily rid split ends and minimize the chance of getting them between salon appointments. If you can’t get an appointment as soon as desired, try carefully trimming the ends with a tiny scissors.

Test Out Coconut Oil
Yet again: Another brilliant way to use coconut oil. Apply coconut oil to the hair (starting at the roots and going down to the ends) and let sit for about 30 minutes. This DIY deep conditioning treatment will help eliminate any troublesome split ends while also hydrating the rest of your locks.

Apply Olive Oil
Who would have thought that your favorite salad dressing could be the answer to your run-down strands? Simply run a handful of olive oil through the hair from mid-shaft down, paying specific attention to the damaged ends. No need to wash it out!

Try Egg Yolks
Skip out on your omelette this morning and try an egg yolk mask for your dead ends. Apply the yolk to the ends of the hair, and rinse out after about 20 minutes.

Deep Condition More Often
Adding moisture to dry strands could help get rid of split ends as well. That said, try a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week.

Take a Break From Hot Tools
Toss your hot tools to the side for a couple weeks and try out an air-dried ‘do instead. Leaving your hot tools to the side for a while can give the hair a break from unhealthy heat damage and breakage, which will in turn prevent split ends.