Woman nose
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We’ve already copped to enjoying the occasional blackhead. But the tiny black dots that have relentlessly covered our noses since high school? Those are a different story.

So, what makes the nose prime real estate for stubborn blemishes? “Most of the time the nose can be the oiliest area of the face, and overproduction of oils causes blackheads,” says Zara Mohsin, skincare expert at Wink Brow Bar in N.Y.C. “As you begin to remove the blackheads you can have a deteriorating effect, and you’ll keep getting more and more if you incorrectly remove or pick at them. This is why it is essential to do it the right way.”

While we’re all for experimenting, this is one removal process Mohsin says should be left to a professional, otherwise you’ll run the risk of spreading bacteria and enlarging the pores. Once you’ve visited an esthetician for a facial, maintenance (and willpower) is key. Here’s what she recommends doing at home: “Take a wet hot towel and put it on your nose for a couple of minutes. Then, take the side of a metal tweezer and run it against the sides of your nose, being very careful not to push down too hard or poke yourself,” she says. “Do this as a routine so that the blackheads do not form. Always use a toner on top to tighten the pores.”

Lemon juice, a natural antiseptic, is another blackhead remedy she swears by. Simply squeeze some on a cotton pad and rub it on your nose and other areas of the face as needed.