Broken Eyeshadow - Lead
Credit: Getty Images

Chalk it up to the morning rush, but dealing with broken eye shadows, pressed powders, and blushes is a pretty common theme for even the most-careful among us. Instead of attempting to work with the mess or ditching the product altogether, you can actually fix the product, no matter how hard it made contact with your floor. With a spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol, a tissue, and a coin roughly the size of the circular pan, you'l be able to fuse the shattered pieces back together in just a few easy steps.

Depending on how your shadow fell, you may have to break up the larger chunks with a pen or the end of a makeup brush first to create a finer, powder-like texture to work with. Once the product separates into smaller pieces, pick up your spray bottle and mist the color down with rubbing alcohol until it is soaked. Pick up your coin and wrap it in the tissue, rock-paper-scissors style, then press it into the shadow pan for a few seconds to pack the powder back in. Lift up the coin, and once the product dries, your once-broken eye shadow should be pretty close to its original form. The exact same method can be used on larger blushes, bronzers, or pressed powders, too—just be sure to swap the coin for another heavyweight object that mirrors the shape of the product in need of mending. Ta-da, palette saved!

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